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David Clancy

Clinic Director
BSc MSc Sports Medicine MISCP CORU
David has a BSc Physiotherapy from Keele University and a MSc Sports Medicine from
Trinity College Dublin. He has applied for a PhD in RCSI focusing on sports-related hip
and groin pain with the Irish Research Council.
David is a highly successful and experienced chartered physiotherapist with significant
clinical, consultation, pitch side and research experience in diverse settings. He has
significant sports medicine practice with high-performance culture, professional athlete and non-athlete populations using evidence-based methods, accompanied by strong international research ties in industry and academia.
David has a well-developed cross-cultural awareness based on extensive travel, as well
as a lifelong passion for learning and participation in team and individual sports.
Professional Experience
In the past in Dublin David worked in a variety of private practice physiotherapy clinics, and as the senior physiotherapist for UCD AFC in the League of Ireland in professional football for 4 seasons. He also has extensive experience in professional rugby from his time in Dublin with Old Belvedere RFC.
David worked in London for Isokinetic Medical Group, FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence as a chartered physiotherapist specialising in sports medicine and rehabilitation for 5 years from 2013-2018. He was the cultural and clinical lead in rehabilitation.
David currently works as a consultant for the Brooklyn Nets and the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA (USA) as their European Head of Physiotherapy and Medical Services. He is particularly interested in functional strength, myofascial pain and biomechanics. His main areas of interest regarding injury are hip and groin pathology, shoulder instability injuries and the ACL rehabilitation pathway.
Business Development
David has extensive experience in developing business strategies and networking from his experience with the NBA franchises and European teams of the EuroLeague, and from his time in London.

He was involved in the set-up of the 11 Harley Street Isokinetic Medical Centre after the success of the pop-up clinic in Welbeck Way in London in 2014.

David was at the forefront of the development of an innovative “Green Room” in Isokinetic London Harley Street, which focused on movement, dynamic control and return-to-training strategies as an athletic movement specialist.

He also has experience of having setup and ran his own physiotherapy clinic called ``clancyclinic`` based in Total Fitness, Dublin for two years prior to his move to London.

He is an excellent verbal and written communicator, can multi-task and prioritise with the ability to work as team member or independently. He is organised, detail-oriented and proactive, ensuring accountability for output and ability to adapt to changing circumstances easily.

Arthur Dunne

Performance Nutrition Clinical Lead
Arthur completed an MSc with distinction in Applied Sports Nutrition at St Mary`s University, London where he had received a first class honours degree as a BSc in Nutrition and Sport Science.
In January 2018, Arthur became a PhD candidate in Waterford IT “Investigating Bone Health in Jockeys”. The 4 year scholarship aims to develop and implement essential intervention strategies into the on-going education and support programme in Irish horse racing.
Professional Experience
While studying in London Arthur provided nutrition advice and support through dietary planning and cooking workshops to junior and senior athletes for a number of individual and team-based sports including rowing, triathletes, hockey and swimming. Having returned to Ireland he currently works with elite athletes in GAA and rugby notably Leinster Rugby, Dublin GAA, Cork GAA and Wexford GAA.
Areas of Expertise
Arthur has a simple food first philosophy that is structured towards informed food choice and enhanced dietary strategies for health and sports performance. Backed by research and using practical support the focus of his work is to personalise a nutrition approach that establishes an independent healthy lifestyle. His experience ranges from managing nutrition programs for body composition to educating healthy lifestyle choices through shopping and cooking tutorials.

Ciarán Dunne

Performance & Rehab Lead
BSc Health & Performance Science MSc Physiotherapy
Ciaran obtained a BSc in Health and Performance Science in University College Dublin. His research project during this degree focused on exercise strategies for hamstring injuries. He followed this with a MSc Physiotherapy from King’s College London. Where his research primarily dealt with clinical gait analysis with specific regards to kinetic and kinematic data and 3D motion analysis. Ciaran continued working in research in the MSK Research Laboratory in Charing Cross hospital following his graduation. He has continued his education and development with courses in Sports Trauma, Pilates, Dry needling and Spinal manipulation.
Professional Experience
Previously Ciaran has worked as a sports scientist across several private practices in Dublin including a role with National Athlete Development Academy. This role afforded him the opportunity to work closely with clients such as the Dublin Senior Football team and Galway Senior hurling team.
Following graduation from Physiotherapy Ciaran began working in large NHS trusts in London. Here he gained valuable experience in wide variety of physiotherapy disciplines including orthopaedics and musculoskeletal injuries. He coupled this with a Physiotherapy post at Premiership football team Crystal Palace. From here he transitioned into private practice in a clinic in London where he had a holistic and diverse approach to care. He gained skills in areas such as nutrition, strength and conditioning and in business development, client acquisition and retention.
Other roles specialising in sports injuries and rehabilitation included roles in Millwall Rugby Club and with several Senior GAA teams across London and Dublin.
He also linked up for a period with David Clancy in Isokinetic Medical Centre on London’s acclaimed Harley Street. This opportunity allowed him to work at the forefront of sports medicine in Europe.
Ciaran has recently returned to Dublin where he worked privately for himself with men and women across a variety of sports and activities incl. MMA, GAA, soccer, basketball and CrossFit. Ciaran has spent the past year working closely with the best orthopaedic surgeons in the country in the Mater Private Hospital Dublin. This experience has been invaluable in learning and developing post-operative rehabilitation strategies.
Areas of Expertise
Ciaran has always tried to employ an evidence-based approach to care. He has an interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation. He utilises his combined experience in sports science and physiotherapy to rehabilitate clients with an exercise focused approach. His main area of interest regarding injury are acute and overuse knee and hip pathologies, hamstring injuries, the ACL rehabilitation pathway and post-operative rehabilitation.
Ciaran has a unique insight into the demands of elite athletes having represented London in intercounty football for 3 years. He is closely linked to GPA and the Players Welfare Committee.

Conor Gavin

CEO, Clinic Owner
Conor began his training with a degree in Sport Science from the University of Limerick. Following this, he travelled to Perth in Australia to study for a Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation. Third up was a return to the UK to continue his Physiotherapy training with a Master’s degree from the University of Southampton, and currently he is completing his Masters education with specialist Sports Physiotherapy training out of the University of Bath.
Professional Experience
Conor began work as a physiotherapist in the Royal London Hospital in London – one of the leading trauma centres in the UK where he gained significant experience dealing with a wide range of patients before specialising in musculoskeletal injuries. He then went on to work in private practice in London, specialising further in sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation amongst other areas and then one final stint in a private clinic in Hong Kong before moving back home to Ireland.
Areas of Expertise
Due to his background in sports science, exercise physiology and experience in the professional sports setting, Conor has significant experience in areas such as strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, biomechanical analysis.
Conor is focused predominantly on the business side of things here at SoCo, trying to disprove the adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks!
Sports Involvement
Conor has been involved in a performance enhancement and rehabilitation capacity with professional sport and elite athletes since 2007. Included in this time are stints with professional Australian Rules teams, elite athletes as part of a specialist sports medicine team in London, and since returning to Ireland he has worked within Dublin Club & Intercounty GAA, Club & School Rugby, the Irish Senior Men's Cricket team and currently with the FAI and the IRFU.

Dr. Stephen McIvor

Sports & Performance Psychology Clinical Lead
Since 2008, Stephen has broadened his sport understanding in attaining a Masters in 'Sport and exercise psychology' at W.I.T. with a thesis on 'leadership' and 'mental toughness'.

He is now taking a professional doctorate at the University of Central Lancashire in elite sport on 'mental toughness' within a team environment focussing on environmental and cultural influences in tandem with individual coping strategies and resilience training.

Professional Experience
Having played professional rugby for Munster and Ireland, Stephen then coached professionally for 10 years. During this period he supported the coach education program of the IRFU within Ireland to level 3 and with the IRB internationally in Spain, Poland, France and Kazakhstan.
Areas of Expertise
Stephen aims to provide support for sporting bodies, teams, athletes and coaches in building mental toughness and sporting excellence within their environment whilst still maintaining balance to the level they individually and collectively strive towards.
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