Why SoCo | Physiotherapy & Sports Performance Clinic Dublin
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  1. the action or process of performing a task or function.

Why Choose SoCo?

Physiotherapy clinics… there are lots of them, so how to choose where to go?! For SoCo Physiotherapy & Sports Performance Clinic, we have created a clinic environment that will offer you the latest in evidence-based proven physiotherapy treatments alongside unique multi-disciplinary sports performance assessments if needed.

Additionally, our Sports Performance service brings the environment of professional sport to you; nowhere else will you find access to all the professionals involved in elite sport under one roof with access at the click of a button.

We will also give you an innovative patient experience in order to ensure your time with us is as brief and successful as possible. We don’t want to have to see you again with the same problem in 6 months’ time… nothing personal! You will be assigned your own Case Manager who will work with you to ensure your recovery is as efficient and thorough as possible.

P.S. if access to such technology as smartphone apps is an issue then not to worry, all personalised rehab programmes can be delivered in hard copy too.

What is the SoCo Patient Experience?

Gone are the days of your clinician smudging their writing with their left hand (no sniggering please right-handers!) resulting in illegible instructions, badly drawn little stick men exercises, or no point of contact between you and your practitioner from one appointment to the next. Here at SoCo, we are embracing the future. That means securely stored and fully accessible online medical notes, automatic appointment reminders and a fully customisable app that can deliver your personalised rehabilitation programme to the palm of your hand and track your recovery in a much more comprehensive way. This is in addition to access to the SoCo rehab gym while you’re a patient with us for supervised rehabilitation to accelerate your recovery. The future is now!!

We will do our level best to fix you in as quick a time as possible without compromising on quality, however we do recognise that not all sources of pain are treatable through physiotherapy. If you are not improving within the first few sessions, we will make sure you have a good understanding of why and can refer you on for further investigation through our fast-track access to one of the fantastic consultants based in the area.

Our mission

To provide patients with gold-standard treatment alongside an innovative patient experience; to bring the treatment and performance standards of the elite athlete to the general athletic public.

Book Your first consultation

you can use our online booking service to make your initial or follow-up appointment. If you can’t find the appointment you’re looking for please gives us a call on 01 541 4793 or email us on info@socoperformance.ie