Strength and Conditioning Clinic Dublin | SoCo Performance
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Strength and Conditioning

Tom & Jerry, Walt & Jesse, Beyoncé & Jay-Z… all iconic duos. Unfortunately, none of them will really help you in reducing injury risk or improving performance. That’s where our iconic duo comes in: Strength & Conditioning! Run by the extremely talented Dr. Frank Nugent, our S&C service differs slightly to what you get in a regular gym.

With our unique set-up in SoCo, our S&C team works with our Physiotherapy, Performance Nutrition, Sports Medicine and Sports & Performance Psychology teams to deliver the best possible results for you. Instead of just a regular plain meal, think of that same meal with all additional spices and sauces!

S & C Services

Our strength and conditioning service is divided into two offerings at present, an individual 1:1 session or a small group session of 2:1.

Learn more about our S&C service below and book your first session today.

S&C 1:1

The 1:1 sessions are ideal if you require more attention for things like technique and prefer the personal training environment. Prior to your initial session, we will send you an Initial Screening form to get some detail on your training history and goals, so that when you arrive for your first session you are ready to get stuck straight into it! At the moment, our 1:1 sessions can be booked online, by phone or by email.

S&C 2:1

The 2:1 sessions are great for people who prefer to exercise in more of an informal group setting, or who have a friend/colleague with similar training goals, e.g. strength & conditioning training specific for runners. Our 2:1 sessions can be booked by phone or by email. We look forward to having you in!
Strength & Conditioning – 1:1 session

Time: 45mins

One-off Price: €70
Booklet of 4: €260 (€65 per 1:1)

Strength & Conditioning – 2:1 session

Time: 45mins

One-off Price: €40
Booklet of 4: €140 (€35 per 2:1)