Sports Medicine - Sports Performance Clinic Dublin | SoCo Performance
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Sports Medicine

Thankfully, most sports injuries don’t require going under the knife! For this highly-treatable majority, there’s Sports Medicine.

Sports Medicine is a crucial part of our Sports Performance philosophy here at SoCo, and is utilised by us for diagnosis of both complex acute and more long-term injuries, including suspected or confirmed concussion through our affiliation with Dr. Will Duggan in our Concussion Clinic, as well as any of those issues which haven’t responded to other methods of treatment.

Additionally, you’re in the right spot if you’re just looking for advice on improving general health and performance levels.

Sports Medicine Treatments

Here at SoCo we work with a close network of trusted Sports Medicine Physicians when needed to provide a wide variety of treatments ranging from assessment, diagnosis and treatment plans, to corticosteroid injections, to concussion management, to onward referral for appropriate scans and more invasive interventions as needed. If you’d like any more specific information on any of these Sports Medicine services, please contact or call 01 541 4793 .

Imaging & Referral
  • Arrange for scans such as MRI and ultrasound
  • Review scan results with you
  • Referral to appropriate Orthopaedic surgeon if needed
  • Referral to other specialties if needed, e.g. Rheumatologist, Cardiologist
Concussion Clinic
  • Concussion assessment and management in association with Dr. Will Duggan based in Killiney, and rehabilitation here in our specialist Concussion Clinic
Diagnostic & Treatments
  • Assess, diagnose and treat longstanding injuries
  • Triaging of acute injuries
  • Medical assessment for non-musculoskeletal causes of injury or pain
  • Prescribe/administer medications if required
  • Perform injection, or referral to appropriate Specialist if needed
  • Skin wound/infection assessment and management
Performance Management
  • Overtraining, underperformance and fatigue management
  • Exercise-induced asthma management
  • Pre-participation medical screening
  • Sudden cardiac death risk screening
  • Travelling overseas management – minimise jet lag/fatigue, avoidance of travel-related illness
  • Exercise prescription for health
  • Training advice