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Everyone is familiar with the traditional R&R of Rest & Relaxation. But how many are familiar with our ‘RandR’?! Recover and Rejuvenate, Repair and Refocus, Rehabilitate and Replenish, Reinvigorate and Ready… the R combinations are endless and unique to you.

We are bringing a new type of recovery and preparation service to you, one that not only allows you to recover from an injury, or simply recover from a hard match or event, but one that also provides for a recharging of the batteries – leaving you primed to perform at your peak in your chosen field.

Recovery Your Way

Choose from a menu option of the latest recovery and event preparation methods utilised in elite sport and feel the difference in your personal, professional and sporting/exercise life. We have divided our menu into four areas. While the Nutrition shakes come complementary with each session, you can choose to focus on just one of the below options for your session, or mix and match as you see fit.

  • Choose a Passive option to switch off while honing in on a particular area(s) requiring recovery or preparation.
  • Choose an Active option as a primer for your next event or to supplement your Passive recovery/prep.
  • Choose a Mindset option depending on what you feel you need on a given day (i.e. de-stress, motivate, seek a flow state).
  • Choose a Nutrition Shake (included as part of the session, you’ll be sent a menu to choose from before you come in!) option to complement all of the above and address your specific needs.
Normatec - Recovery - Soco Performance Dublin
- Normatec
- Game Ready
- More options coming soon!
- Foam rollers
- Mobility bands
- Weekly mobility/recovery circuit
- Calm
- Mind Prep
- Flow
Nutrition Shakes
- Anti-inflammatory
- Muscle repair/growth
- Immune Booster
- Pre-exercise
- Probiotic
Pro Or Elite?

If you are unsure what you should go for, then one of our expert performance staff will be on hand to advise you on what would be best for you on that given day in light of what you are trying to achieve.

Choose from a Pro (30 minutes) or Elite (60 minutes) session, come in and do whatever you need to do to be at your best!

Pro Recovery Session*

Time: 30mins
One-off Cost: €35
Booklet of 4: €120

(€30 per session)

Elite Recovery Session*

Time: 60mins
One-off Cost: €60
Booklet of 4: €200

(€50 per session)

* Contact us for individual quotes

Book Your first consultation

Contact us to arrange your Initial Rehabilitation Consultation. You can call us on 01 541 4793 or email us on