Performance Nutrition - Sports Performance Clinic Dublin | SoCo
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Performance Nutrition

Food, Glorious Food… Oliver was onto something. You don’t put diesel into a petrol engine and vice versa, so the specific fuel you are taking on board is crucial to your ongoing health and levels of performance.

It can be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes with all the nutritional advice and latest fads that are going around, so what we have developed here at SoCo is a metaphorical chainsaw for you to cut through all the filler and get to what specific nutritional programme is required to work for your specific goals.

Your body will thank you!

Performance Nutrition

The initial Nutrition Assessment centres on goal setting from self-determined objectives and better understanding your knowledge, application and expectations of nutrition. From here we can then create a tailored nutrition bundle to achieve each individual’s personal aspirations. See examples of bundles below.

Lifestyle & Weight Control

– Initial Consultation (30 mins)
– 7 days of online support
(starts at €90)

Body Composition Assessment

– Skinfolds analysis
– DXA scan pre and post intervention
(contact the Clinic for more info on pricing)

Group Consultations and Workshops

Wellness and Corporate Nutrition Plans

– Healthy eating workshops
– Ask the coach Q&A
– Practical Nutrition coaching
(starts at €150)

Healthy Eating for Exercise Performance

– Screening + 30 minute follow up
– Peak for performance guide
– 7 days Online nutrition support
(starts at €150)

– Nutrition for health and exercise
– Fuelling performance
– Online support for 30 days
(starts at €170)