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A Clinical Pilates Clinic

When trying to define pilates, it can’t really be pigeon-holed into just stretching or just strengthening; the best word to sum it up would be control.

It’s a type of exercise that has a focus on developing stability and a strong core through the activation of deep abdominal muscles and other stabilising muscles to lead to improvements in posture and control over your movements. Such improvements will have massive knock-on effects then in your everday life or in your chosen sport.

A good metaphor for the use of pilates to everyday life is: “you can’t shoot a cannon from a canoe”!!

What is Clinical Pilates?

Movement, and specifically controlled movement, is the physiotherapist’s cup of tea. So, without sounding too snobby about it, we think we are uniquely placed to build upon the foundation that regular pilates provides people through our knowledge or the human body and how it should move.

Your pilates routine will be run by a chartered physiotherapist with specialist postgraduate qualifications in pilates, and will be specifically tailored to you based on your initial assessment. The focus will take into account your previous medical history, the history of your current condition, your current level of exercise, and your future goals whatever they may be. Thus… clinical pilates!

Why go for Clinical Pilates @ SoCo?

We like to think we can offer you something different from all the other pilates classes out there; our mixed reformer and mat-based classes will be tailored specifically to you following a 1:1 initial assessment. With class sizes getting no bigger than 3 people and classes led by a chartered physiotherapist, you’ll be guaranteed more personal attention to ensure what you are doing is exactly right for you.

Please select from your chosen area to get more information on conditions treated and treatments offered. 

Initial Assessment

This is a pre-requisite here at SoCo before commencing any classes. This is because to get the best results for you, we need to get to the root of any issues you may have and find out your goals in order to create your personalised clinical pilates programme. For those who have never heard of pilates before never mind completed a class, this initial assessment will put any and all fears to bed on things like technique and equipment used.

Sports Pilates

Pilates can be used as an excellent addition to a regular fitness training routine for sports; it can help with rehab, injury risk reduction, and performance enhancement. For more info please get in touch!

1:1 Classes

For those of you who might require either an increased level of attention due to your condition, or those needing a further confidence boost on things like technique before tackling the 3:1 classes, then 1:1 classes are for you. 100% attention, 100% of the time.

3:1 Classes

Our standard class. From experience all over the world, our practitioners have found this to be the optimal clinical pilates environment. It allows for close supervision of technique to ensure optimum results, and also allows for a more relaxed informal exercise environment.
Clinical Pilates Initial
1 patient:1 physio

Time: 45mins
Price: €75

Clinical Pilates
Private 1:1

Time: 45mins
One-off Price: €70
Booklet of 3: €195 (€65 per 1:1)
Booklet of 6: €360 (€60 per 1:1)

Clinical Pilates Group Class
3 patients:1 physio

Time: 45mins
One-off Price: €40
Booklet of 3: €105 (€35 per class)
Booklet of 6: €180 (€30 per class)