A New Sports Performance Clinic for Ireland! | The SoCo Story
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A New Sports Performance Clinic for Ireland!

Our Story - A New Sports Performance Clinic for Ireland - SoCo Dublin

The Story of SoCo

The story of SoCo (South County) Performance Clinic goes back as far as 2007 during a stint with the West Coast Eagles Aussie Rules Football team in Australia. It was here where I had my first experience of working at the cutting edge of elite sport. Housing all professionals involved in improving the performance of the players under one roof was something I knew about beforehand, but had never got to experience personally, and the environment created by working firsthand with these other professionals was a great buzz, and one I wanted to re-create back home.

Visits to various institutes of sports in Australia confirmed my view of how cool it would be to have a location with a similar set-up to the Eagles and such Institutes that could be accessible to the massive variety of sports people in Ireland. Thus began a long journey of further study and experience in different fields (sport science, exercise physiology, strength & conditioning, physiotherapy – both public and private, both abroad and at home) to figure out the specifics of how to make the idea work.

Sports Performance Clinic - SoCo

SoCo’s First Steps

The first proper Irish steps in the development of SoCo began in May 2017 with a full review of whether the idea would work here. What came to light is that unless you’re a professional athlete, there’s nowhere in Ireland that you can walk in off the street and access all the main professionals (the Multi-Disciplinary Team, or MDT) that are available to pro athletes in elite sport – e.g. physiotherapy, medicine, nutrition, psychology, strength & conditioning, sports science to name but a few. And so, SoCo Performance Clinic was born!

An Elite Team

The following months have been spent assembling a great team of professionals all working at the forefront of elite sport, and finding the ideal location – one we think we have in Central Park in Leopardstown. With the fit-out underway, we aim to start seeing the local and wider community very soon.

Innovative Patient Experience at SoCo Performance Clinic

Innovative Patient Experience

So no matter what your performance goal is – to be able to swim pain-free, to be able to improve your free-taking in GAA, to improve your energy levels to enable an improved running performance, or if it is a non-sporting related goal, come to us in the knowledge that you will get a gold standard treatment alongside an innovative patient experience – give us a call on +353 1 293 2819 or contact us online for more details!

Thanks for taking the time to read our story here at SoCo!

Conor Gavin,
Clinic Director

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