Soco Sports Performance Clinic & Physio Dublin - Fees
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Time: 75mins
Price: €105

Follow-Up Consultation

Time: 45mins
Price: €85

Supervised Rehabilitation

Time: 45mins
Price: €50

Walk-in Triage

Time: 15mins
Price: €30

Online Triage

Time: 15mins
Price: €30

Workstation Ergonomic Assessment & Advice

Corporate Seminars

Please contact for further information.

Sports Performance
Sports Taping

Time: 15mins
Price: €30

Sports Massage

Time: 30mins

Price: €50

Concussion Clinic – Initial Rehabilitation Consultation

Time: 60mins

Price: €90

Concussion Clinic – Follow-up Rehabilitation Consultation

Time: 45mins

Price: €80

Performance Nutrition – Lifestyle & Weight Control

– Initial Phonecall/Online Consultation (30 mins)
– 7 days of online support
(starts at €90)

Performance Nutrition – Body Composition Assessment

– Skinfolds analysis
– DXA scan pre and post intervention
(contact the Clinic for more info on pricing)

Performance Nutrition – Group Consultations and Workshops

Wellness and Corporate Nutrition Plans

– Healthy eating workshops
– Ask the coach Q&A
– Practical Nutrition coaching
(starts at €150)

Performance Nutrition – Healthy Eating for Exercise Performance

– Screening + 30 minute follow up
– Peak for performance guide
– 7 days Online nutrition support
(starts at €150)

– Nutrition for health and exercise
– Fuelling performance
– Online support for 30 days
(starts at €170)

RandR – Pro Recovery/Prep Session

Time: 30mins

One-off Price: €35
Booklet of 4: €120 (€30 per session)

RandR – Elite Recovery/Prep Session

Time: 60mins

One-off Price: €60
Booklet of 4: €200 (€50 per session)

Sports & Performance Psychology – Initial Consultation

Time: 90mins

Price: €145

Sports & Performance Psychology – Follow-up Consultation

Time: 80mins

Price: €120

High Performance Consultancy

Please contact the clinic on for further information on services and prices.

Affiliated clubs*: 10% discount on Initial Consultations

*contact the clinic for info on affiliated clubs

Insurance & Tax Claims

All major health insurers recognise care provided by SoCo Performance Clinic. Dependent on your insurance plan, you can claim money back on your treatments. Please check with your provider to get the most up to date details on what your policy entitles you to.

Alternatively, if you can’t claim back from your health insurance provider then tax relief can be claimed online through the Revenue Commissioners. Info on how to do this is available on the Revenue Online website: Applying for relief on health expenses.

Book Your first consultation

you can use our online booking service to make your initial or follow-up appointment. If you can’t find the appointment you’re looking for please gives us a call on 01 541 4793 or email us on