Clinical Pilates & Regular Pilates - What's The Difference?
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Clinical Pilates & Regular Pilates – What’s The Difference?

Clinical Pilates and Regular Pilates - What's the Difference

Difference Between Clinical & Regular Pilates

The answer to this is in the question – it’s clinical!! This means that it is an exercise designed specifically for anybody with existing conditions or injuries that require more attention than a one-size-fits-all exercise class.

Managing Pathology With Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapists are uniquely positioned to manage pathology using Clinical Pilates, which is beyond the scope of homogenous instructor-based pilates. We are trained to understand pathology and its effect on the body, and how this may influence the exercise that you undertake. This makes Clinical Pilates a very safe method of exercising for almost everybody, as it is deliberately designed with your body and your needs in mind.

Managing Pathology with Clinical Pilates

Detailed Assessments for Pilates Classes

No two bodies are the same, which is why an exercise that gives one person great relief from pain, might be the same exercise that flares another person up. This is the reason we carry out a detailed assessment on everybody prior to partaking in our pilates classes. It allows us to tailor-make a programme suitable to your unique requirements, taking into account any conditions you may have.

Clinical Pilates – Safe Movement

There are many circumstances which make Clinical Pilates a great choice when seeking a safe way to get moving, particularly for anybody nervous about their ability to partake in generic workouts. These circumstances include those who are; prenatal, postnatal, suffering from osteoporosis, rehabilitating post-surgery, dealing with multiple/complex injuries, or in a sedentary lifestyle experiencing back pain/ neck pain.

Lasting Change from Clinical Pilates - SoCo Dublin

Long, Lasting Change From Pilates

A large portion of the people who seek out Clinical Pilates are those who have experienced back pain to varying degrees. Decreased core stability and back pain are much like the chicken and the egg, we don’t always know which one comes first. What we do know, is that by taking steps to improve our core stability in a pain-free manner, we can break this vicious cycle of weakness and pain.
While medication, injections, massage and manipulation all have a rightful place in the management of pain, these passive measures usually give temporary results. If we can take steps to change the root cause of our problem from the inside out, through movement, it leads to long lasting changes, with long lasting results.

The exercises that we use in Clinical Pilates are designed to encourage implicit motor learning, which essentially means that we encourage the body to work in the most ideal way, allowing it to naturally adapt, so that it becomes automatic in our day to day lives.

Clinical Pilates & Pilates Assessment

To find out more about Clinical Pilates or to book a Pilates Assessment for yourself, give us a call on +353 1 293 2819, or book online!

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