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SoCo Services

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Physiotherapy @ SoCo

During your time here in physiotherapy @ SoCo, the aim is to get a thorough understanding of the root cause of your problem so we don’t just treat the surface cracks and ignore the real issues....

Sports Medicine @ SoCo

A sports medicine doctor deals with a wide range of conditions that may affect anyone taking part in sport, physical activity or exercise. Sports doctors are ideal for anyone from the ‘weekend warrior’ to the elite amateur athlete, or for any individual who has sustained an injury, experiences musculoskeletal pain, or is looking to improve their overall health.

Strength & Conditioning @ SoCo

Our S&C service differs slightly to what you get in a regular gym. With our unique set-up in SoCo, our S&C team works with our Physiotherapy, Performance Nutrition, Sports Medicine and Sports & Performance Psychology teams to deliver the best possible results for you. Instead of just a regular plain meal, think of that same meal with all additional spices and sauces!

Sports Performance @ SoCo

We will remove the barriers that may be holding you back in your sport alongside implementing comprehensive injury prevention strategies for you going forwards, as we know you want to be spending your time playing sport, not on the treatment table!

Performance Nutrition @ SoCo

The specific fuel you are taking on board is crucial to your ongoing health and levels of performance. It can be hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes with all the nutritional advice and latest fads that are going around, so what we have developed here with Performance Nutrition @ SoCo is a service that will determine what specific nutritional programme is required to work for your specific goals.
Located in the heart of Leopardstown

We’re based in the heart of Central Park in Leopardstown – one of the premier business locations in Dublin, and we’re lucky to be served by all of the major transport links.

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